A bad hair day, cherished and to move on.


“A bad hair day, better than no hair.” from the Buddhist scriptures, but the exact source is not known. The original scripture is cut off at 3000 trouble silk, in which Buddha said 3000 is the maximum and trouble silk becomes synonymous with human hair, but we are not monks living by Buddha’s laws. There are also people who also seek long hair, cherish their own hair, and are afraid that their hair roots are not strong, but all too frequently the scalp doesn’t cooperate and people become bald.


Many men have the problem of male baldness, regardless of whether they are middle-aged or not, It is not “A bad hair day, better than no hair” issue, but the more hair the more you worry about it. It is this emphasis on the appearance that comes from Oriental society, where being bald will label you with a negative outlook.


Male baldness is the so-called “hereditary hair loss”, is the most common causes of hair loss. If the family elders have hair sparse or have hair loss the norm, then you are more likely to inherit ninety percent of hair loss genes. In recent years, due to the pressure of life, many young people also have hair loss problems. When the hairline recedes before you get old in Asian society, you are ridiculed from the Qing Dynasty and many adolescent children during that time felt ashamed.


Joan is my friend and she is a tough girl, but her husband has a balding head. She has been trying to help her husband get longer hair and she does not want to let others believe she married an old man. For several years the couple experimented with all the products known as germinal, to prevent hair loss, or anti-bald variety of goods, when she opened the bathroom storage cabinets, frankly, I was shocked, this is a hair care product museum.


In this world is the majority of advertised products have prices inflated and she spent more than 40 million NT dollars ($1.265 million US) to buy all kinds of remedies, all were ineffective in solving the baldness. Joan decided to invest in the development and research of a hair growth formula and she seriously developed her own hair care products since the market cannot meet the standards, she decided, “I’ll try”.


So Joan’s husband decided to use the product sooner than later, but the original plan was not to bring back his youth appearance for personal reasons, but also to help other with the same is type of baldness.
As long as hair follicles have the opportunity to grow there is hope that this series of White Musk hair care developed by Joan can work and cure baldness. From using the shampoo you can again have long hair and it’s simple to use with no side effects. The whole process of conditioning the scalp also leaves a pleasant aroma.


The first step of using the White Musk product states that it is recommended to wash your hair twice to remove any dirt from the scalp and hair, for the second wash use with a gentle massage to the scalp.

The second step: apply the hair fluid back and forth on one the scalp, while you massage the scalp that was just sprayed, but you can also add the shampoo after your hair is semi-dry, then spray directly to the scalp and massage your scalp.


White Musk does not contain Dimethicone and is developed for scalp care. These products are used to achieve a healthy scalp and to remove dirt from the scalp. This product helps to sooth your head and with no burden. It not only relieves the pressure on the scalp, but also balances the excessive release of oils from the skin and helps to remove dirt from the scalp pores. The product is the most useful for people who need stronger hair roots, remove or prevent greasy feeling hair, dandruff, and dry scalp that becomes itchy.


Due to the Earth warming and creating hotter weather resulting in people sweating more there is an unprecedented hair crisis resulting in greasy, flat, uncomfortable hair that seems lifeless. Be sure to choose the appropriate hair care products, then you can and say goodbye to these annoying problems.


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