Designed Awnings—- The Spirit of DACI



In Taiwan, you can find traditional awnings wherever in the busy downtown or any nostalgic street.


Not only for keeping off sun and rain, but it also brings a lot of colours to the place.


The sun-shading cloth history can be traced back to the oil canvas.
For letting oily pigment stay long and a better stack effect, canvas material is very important, and the oldest canvas material is the well-known, linen.
Besides good coloring conditions, it is excellent in stopping oil, solvents, water from permeating, and this characteristic functions well when used to make modern awnings.
Arts Canvas is the perfect combination of art and shelter.


Being the second generation of the Taiwan shelter manufacturing industry, Cindy Lu visited the streets of Europe and the United States, found the designed awnings outside the buildings so unique and abundant with the concept of urban art aesthetics.
Therefore, she founded Darcy, and hoped to use her innovative design, integrated with the cultural elements, to give the city decorative appearance with happiness and joy. 


In addition to the vigorous promotion of art awning to Taiwan residential streets, Cindy Lu also used waterproof cloth as the core material to extend her art awning concept to varied designs like book covers, bags, pencil bags, etc.


The riot of colours and fashioned design add much life to the handbags.


Pencil bags are designed waterproof and soil resistant, letting you use it without scruple.


Festive Christmas designs will make you attract more admiring eyes.


With Cindy’s great perseverance, DACI is determined to inherit the long term Taiwanese traditional culture to develop the outdoor awning business.
She integrated the masters’ artistry craft skills with the brilliant innovative design from her team, and turned the awning business from a functional feature to the side full of artistic connotation. Moreover, the variant application of painted canvas gives a sunshade waterproof awning a new meaning!! 


Try our DACI bags now!! And you will feel the power of creation we Taiwanese young generation subvert the traditional culture!


Where to buy?
DACI Cultural and Creative No. 57, Section113, Chongqing North Road Section 3, Datong District, Taipei.
You can also visit for the updated information.
Please browse Uisuooh: or Wechat : go17zzq 
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