The First Step of Getting Independent


No one wants his baby to grow up with mouth open for food. To train your baby to be independent, you should start from minor things and from his or her childhood. The first thing the young parent can try is to have the child eat by himself or herself. Each child eager to grow up yells in the heart “Do not treat me as a little child”. Therefore, you can prepare a set of cutlery specially for your kids to train them to eat by themselves. This is also a key gift to them, implying that “My baby, you are already a little adult!”


Little children all like to compare, not only with the ones of the same age, but also with their parents. Considering the food security, parents will use stainless steel forks, spoons and chopsticks to dine. The children will wonder why their cutlery is different from the parents’. Currently, most of the children’s dinnerware has a plastic handle and a stainless steel spoon head. Even, some cutlery is made of plastics to avoid damaging the children or being broken. However, such cutlery produces much toxin.


As a mother of a three-year-old kid, I once bought plenty of cutlery for my child. I spent so much, hoping to find out the perfect. However, scarcely any cutlery satisfied me until the kid’s aunt traveled back from Japan with a gift. The moment I saw it, I yelled excitedly in the heart: “Yes, that’s it! The stainless steel cutlery set is so perfect for little children.”  It is the “western-style stainless steel cutlery set for children” produced by TODAI CO.,LTD in Tsubame-Sanjo, a place famous for western-style tableware.


The “western-style stainless steel cutlery set for children”, consisting of a knife, a fork and a spoon, is designed based on the concept of having the children experience the adult’s life and world. Generally, we adults confine the children to a cartoon world. We learn to speak with them in a childish voice, which is not beneficial for them to adapt to the society. On the contrary, providing children with the miniature adult articles enables the children to experience the joy of being a little adult.


In developing the “western-style stainless steel cutlery set for children”, the Japanese designer took the children’s hand feeling and hold feeling into full consideration. With the texture of stainless steel, the handle is intentionally widened and rounded. Each sharp point and turning point is thoroughly polished. All these details are the perfect expression of the Japanese iron practitioners’ professionalism. With the persistent efforts of  TODAI CO.,LTD, the “western-style stainless steel cutlery set for children” shows a warm and luxury adult sense.


Founded in the 28th year of Showa period, TODAI CO.,LTD is a time-honored tableware manufacturer focusing on the design of western-style knives and forks in Tsubame-Sanjo, a place famous for producing iron artware. It mainly produces commercial western-style tableware. Generally, the superior and delicate tableware is used in large restaurants and hotels. The famous curry chain restaurants also adopts the special curry spoons presented by TODAI CO.,LTD. Designed with a flat edge in the front, the spoon is a perfect match to the plate used to contain curry or fried rice.


The “western-style stainless steel cutlery set for children”, specially designed for the fast-growing children, can satisfy the needs of the children aged between 3 and 10. According to experts, at the age of one year and a half, the children’s hand-eye coordination capability and muscle strength have grown to a certain degree, when it is best time for them to learn to have meals. Though they will mess up the table at the beginning, they make rapid progress. After a short time, you will find out that your little baby is no longer a troublemaker, and can have meals by himself or herself.


The “western-style stainless steel cutlery set for children” jointly presented by Uisuooh Platform and TODAI CO.,LTD, consists of the edible-grade stainless steel knife, fork and spoon. In addition, an environmental cutlery container made of wheat is attached to the set, which helps children to develop the habit of gathering the cutlery while learning to use it.

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