Hungry Cowboy Plate


To mention the west cowboy film, you will firstly think of “A Fistful of Dollars”, which is an absolute classic. Whistling briskly and smoking leisurely, the cowboy wearing the Stetson and scarf, who was the leading role in the western town, took his revolver to ride to the uncertain destiny in the music of guitar. Cowboy would also be hungry. Walking in a country pub, he usually ordered roast beef, bread and gravy. In the iron plate, the true taste of the food was highlighted. Tempted by the delicacy, the cowboy would wolf it down very soon, reflecting the boldness and romance of man.


In the weekend, I intended to cook the American Southern dishes, my specialty dishes, to please my girlfriend. I also played A Fistful of Dollars DVD which I bought earlier from Eslite to create an atmosphere of wild west. Earlier, I learned several dishes in the cooking training class. When I set out two dishes I had practiced for a long time – the spaghetti with lobster and curry, and the herb roasted chicken matched with curry spaghetti, I saw the moved eyes of girlfriend. I thought that she was deeply moved by my love to her. Unexpectedly, her eyes were only attracted by the vintage stainless steel plate with a Western style which was bought in Japan by my elder brother.


Taking a spoon of curry from the vintage plate, she asked, “Where did you buy the plate?” Oh, my God! I had been preparing the dishes for a morning, but she was totally fascinated by the plate! Clearing the throat, I complained, “I’m not a cowboy, but have worked a long time to cook the American dishes. Shall you show your gratitude for having the chance to have a taste of such delicacy?” She replied to me with a sweet smile, “Thank you so much, my darling, for cooking delicious food for me. But the plate is such a perfect match to the dishes. Without a right plate, no food appears tempting”’. OK, I was totally defeated by her smartness.


The tableware in the American western style was mostly made of aluminum and cast iron in the early days. The light weight and rapid heat conduction made aluminum pot a perfect cooker. However, with the rising of stainless steel, the aluminum tableware gradually withdrew from the kitchen. The plates are designed and manufactured by Japan’s AOYOSHI Mill. Made of edible-grade stainless steel, the plates are engraved with old patterns and are polished. After the antique finish, the plate displays a rough and primitive color, making it appear retro and nostalgic. With a western style of the Showa period, the plate can take you back to the 18th to 19th century, the “era of cowboy” featuring passion, green land, bonfire, cattle herb and sheep flock. After a busy day, why not dish up a plate of stewed beef to leisurely enjoy the original taste of food?


Throw some food stuffs, oil, cooking liquor and spice into the pot to get them thoroughly stewed, which produces a rough and natural flavor for food. Such dishes are quite common in American southern style of cooking and cowboy style of cooking, and are also the first choices for camping and picnic. Having food with the broth, you will taste the original taste of food stuff. This vintage stainless steel plate is designed to have a deepened bottom which can fully hold the broth. It is 21cm in diameter, thus enabling it to hold sufficient food and ensuring easy cleaning. In addition, the plate is highly durable.


The AOYOSHI Mill, founded in 1957, is located in「Tsubame-Sanjo」, Niigata, a town famous for metal fabrication. It not only has inherited the excellent metalworking techniques carried forward in Tsubame and Sanjo for more than four hundred years, but also has taken the lead to develop the stainless steel processing technology. Since its founder initiated the「home appliances proposal」, the Mill has developed various exquisite and durable European-type tableware, pots and knives. It has integrated the time-honored Yamato classic culture into the daily tableware, so as to make people’s life much warmer, happier and more beautiful.


The delicious food, matched with two vintage stainless steel plates and two sets of tableware, creates sweet romance between the lovers. While tasting the dishes, you, together with your lover, can also feat your eyes on the exquisite and elegant plates which produce a nostalgic and retro charm. You will be satisfied both visually and gustatorily.


This time, the Uisuooh platform and AOYOSHI Mill collaborate to present the combination of plates and tableware, which include two vintage stainless steel plates and two sets of tableware to provide pleasant dining experience for your family and friends. Taiwan is the exclusive agent of the commodity. You can purchase the vintage stainless steel plate duplex on the Ulesoo platform: The friends overseas who want it may contact the local distributors.

The Uisuooh platform orders goods from the Japanese manufacturer by means of forward purchase, and then places an order in the form of group purchase after the forward purchase period expires. Hence, it will take a long time for the products to arrive. However, the top Japanese products deserve your wait. Please be patient! The cut-off time for the first order is July 10, 2017.

Manufacturer: AOYOSHI Mill Corporation
Address: NO. 5143, Tsubame, Niigata


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