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In face of delicacy, how can we restrain our appetite? Do not tell me that you are not able to control your desire for eating. But can it be controlled? To eat is to taste and to enjoy. Japan, a nation proud of its enjoyment of delicious food, is absolutely respectable due to its particularity about the quality of cooking utensils and tableware.


Yukio Hattori, a food critic and an iron chef judge particular about delicacy, has recommended the mama pot. Made of 7 plies of stainless steel, the multi-purpose pot can be used for 15 years, and even can be passed down as the heirloom. Now that the Japanese master has endorsed the pot, the uisuooh team also invites Amber Lee, the top chef from Kaohsiung who is good at cooking superior postpartum meals, to test whether the pot can cook food with no water and less oil.

geocover02Picture Description: Yukio Hattori recommended GEO stainless steel pot series.

Amber operates a restaurant『Chun Lu Duo Sang』around NO. 85 Building, Lingya District, Kaohsiung. Decorated in an industrial style, the restaurant features Japanese cuisines. As expected, Amber, who often gives lessons in hospitality academy, relentlessly chose soybean milk as the base soup which was quite demanding on stainless pot, to cook the salt-free and oil-free black soymilk and pork vegetable soup which was conducive to health and edible to pregnant women. Amber’ choice was to check whether the soybean milk would stick. It was a real challenge.

Picture Description: Amber Lee and her restaurant.

A good pot is produced for easy cooking. The long handle of the GEO multi-purpose pot does not conduct heat, thus making it easy to hold in cooking. Known as the zero-failure pot, it facilitates the cooking even for a green hand. Amber has tested the pot by cooking a pot of healthy soup for us. It suggests that this is a type of nonstick pot. No soybean milk sticks to the pot, and only a little of food crumbs remain on the pot. The GEO stainless steel pot is really a success.

geocover04Picture Description: Amber experiment black soymilk soup will not burnt the pot.

geocover05Picture Description: GEO stainless steel pot no burnt pot bottom.

The GEO stainless steel pot is designed to have a 7-ply structure. When being covered with the lid, the pot can conduct heat uniformly to force out the grease and moisture from food, thus leaving only the original taste of food, instead of any taste of seasoning. This is what a healthy and natural diet requires. The designer of the GEO pot has really given much thought to it.


The GEO stainless-steel multi-purpose pot is applicable both to the induction cooker and the oven. It can be used to cook soup, cook gruel, bake bread and cake or cook rice. Even for a fresh hand in cooking, it is also quite easy to use. The GEO pot is so user-friendly that you even want to take it to travel around the world.


Hoping to contribute his own efforts to the Japanese cooking, Master Yukio Hattori has supervised the design of GEO stainless-steel multi-purpose pot. He strongly recommends this pot that requires no water and little oil in cooking. The GEO series pots are manufactured by Miyazaki Manufacturing Plant. During our visit to Japan, AKIRA EIJIMA(永嶋明), the plant director, showed the uisuooh team around the plant and introduced us the manufacturing process. He stressed that they pursued perfection in the manufacturing. The Miyazaki Manufacturing Plant has integrated the bushido spirit into the manufacturing of pots.

Picture Description: Miyazaki Manufacturing Plant Director-永嶋明(AKIRA EIJIMA)

The GEO stainless-steel pot is divided into four sizes: 14cm, 16cm, 18cm and 20cm, or four capacities: 1.0L, 1.5L, 2.0L and 2.7L. This time, Amber has showed us the 18cm single-handle pot. After use, Amber says that the pot is very easy to hold, and is non-stick. Though made of stainless steel, the long handle does not conduct heat due to a special design, thus making it quite suitable for family use. The warranty period of the GEO pot is 15 years. The pot can rarely damage. Miyazaki Manufacturing Plant insists to provide the original warranty and maintenance for customers, which ensures a long service life of pot.


The uisuooh platform will directly purchase pots from Miyazaki Manufacturing Plant in the form of pre-order. When the pre-order period terminates, the platform will place an order to the Japanese manufacturer in the form of group purchase, so it will take a long time for the goods to arrive. However, the superior Japanese pots deserve your patience. The first order for pots will expire on May 10, 2017. By no means shall you miss such a rare opportunity if you want to buy one for your mother or for yourself. Please log in www.ulesoo.com to pre-order the pot.

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