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Maybe you are a seafood lover, or a housewife practicing your cooking skills in the kitchen all the year round. To mention the fish, you will firstly think of the scale, the most troublesome part to remove. Certainly, you can have the fishmonger scale the fish, which is convenient and keeps your hands off it. However, in the bustling market, the fishmonger is so busy that he will not get all the scales removed, so you have to re-scale it. The secondary treatment will cause the fish to lose its freshness and will damage the fish flesh.


As suggested by specialist chefs, we’d better buy the fish with scales which have the function to prevent the flesh from collision and also to maintain the freshness of fish. After taking the fish home, you shall firstly scale it before cooking so as to present the original taste. But the traditional scaling causes a fishy smell all over, which makes the housewives who frequently use their hands to cook shrink back. Alas! It is so troublesome that you even want to become a cat to eat it directly.


What methods can we use to remove scales? There are so many. For instance, we can buy a special scaling knife; you can use a kitchen knife or an iron spoon; or you can use an electrical scaler if you want. The Good Idea also teaches you to nail many bottle caps reversely on the board to function as a scaling knife, remove scales by the alternate use of cold and hot water, or remove scales by soaking the fish in the vinegar or distilled spirit. All these methods will destroy the freshness of the fish. Sometimes, too much strength will break the fish skin. The most troublesome is that the scales will splash all round. If you have not cleaned the scales away from your skin, they will cause inflamed skin.


Cooking is enjoyable. But you get to be armed to the teeth in scaling a fish without a user-friendly tool. Does the Japanese who have a passion for seafood have better methods? Surely there is. Japan’s Katariki Shoji invented a nonstick and non-splash scale shovel which is able to thoroughly remove the scales in quicker. Designed based on the principle of friction, it helps you to easily solve the problem of scaling, the top difficulty for seafood cooking. You can elegantly scale a fish, just like exfoliation. After the shoveling, just leaving only smooth and tender fish skin.


Picture is the truth. Let’s see whether the scale shovel can be so amazing that it will prevent the scales from splashing and sticking while have the scales removed. The handle of the scale shovel is made easy to hold, thus requiring less efforts for you to remove scales. With one hand fixing the fish head and the other holding the handle, you only need to push the shovel gently from the tail to the head. Under the action of frictional force the scales removed. The shovel is easy to handle. The special rhombic seat helps to thoroughly remove the scale, no matter a large area or the tiny points on the tail and the jaw. You can only enjoy the deliciousness of the fish, instead of having the scales get stuck in the throat.


Designed and developed by Japan’s KATARIKI SHOJI(片力商事), the scale shovel comes into the market after developed collaboratively with chef. Made of high-strength food-grade rubber, the stainless steel handle remains rustless even after repeated cleaning. The scale shovel is applicable to fish of varied sizes. KATARIKI is very famous in developing various cooking utensils. Therefore, we recommend the scale shovel to the friends who love fish cuisine and love fishing. It will absolutely become a member of your kitchen utensils, due to its ability to greatly improve the scaling efficiency.


YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO Co., Ltd., an agent distributor of scale shovels, is also very famous in western-style tableware designated manufacturer of the tableware for the world-famous Nobel banquet. So you will know that YAMAZAKI is very particular about picking the commodities it is to distribute. It is YAMAZAKI’s aim to “convey the value of Japanese tableware to the whole world “. For Japanese Yamato people staplefood on seafood ask both a high quality and a requirement-meeting spirit. The scale shovel Is worthy of the reputation both in quality and in practicability.


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Manufacturer: KATARIKI Co., Ltd.
1456, Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture

2570, Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture
E-mail: [email protected]


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